large animal emergency incident response and assistance


Assistance for Emergency Responders, Veterinarians, and Owners - ***VETERINARIAN RESPONSE MAY BE REQUIRED***

4HLAS is capable of providing emergency response and assistance services for equine and livestock related incidents at the request of emergency responders or a veterinarian.  Our team can handle rescues and recoveries from incidents such as animals stuck in mud, overturn trailers, cast in stalls, down and unable to stand unassisted, stranded in floodwater, and more.  If we are not able to respond or if our drive-time would critically delay the rescue operation, we can correspond with the on-site fire/rescue operations chief or veterinarian over the phone with pictures or videos provided to assist in the rescue or recovery of the animal using the tools and equipment that are on-site or available to those performing the rescue or recovery operation.  


Most 4HLAS team members are not veterinarians and can not practice veterinary medicine without a license, which means we can not provide any medical evaluation, treatment, or advice to animals that we do not own ourselves.  Those team members who are licensed veterinarians can not provide on-site veterinary care due to lack of client/patient relationship and the fact that they are responding with our team and equipment and not their equipment and supplies. 

Depending on the services requested, for the safety of personnel and the welfare of the animal, we may require a large animal veterinarian to be present or on the way to the incident/service location prior to our arrival.  Animal owner/agent or agency having care, custody, and control of the animal will be solely responsible for payment of veterinary expenses for no less than the required service call travel fee, sedation/anesthesia (if applicable), and euthanasia (if warranted) – All other veterinary expenses incurred during or after the rescue operation are to be negotiated between the owner/agent or agency and the veterinarian (IV fluids, medications, wound care, colic treatment, radiographs, etc.).  Payment of all veterinary expenses will be handled directly between the owner/agent and the attending veterinarian.   

If this is an emergency service call, please contact a licensed equine / livestock veterinarian prior to our arrival.  If you do not have a regular veterinarian or do not know of one in the area, please try to search for one on the internet first if able, if you still are unable to locate a veterinarian to contact, call us and we can assist you further.

Image: "Big Mac", 19.2-hand, 2500lbs, Belgian gelding rescued from a mud hole.

American Association of Equine Practitioners - "Find a Vet"

Locate an AAEP-member (equine) veterinarian using the Get-A-DVM directly.  Whether you're traveling, relocating or looking for a veterinarian for your first horse, this search engine will help you connect with a practitioner dedicated to the highest standard of equine medical care.

equine transport (local and long distance)


LEGAL For-Hire DOT #2491017 / MC #53159

4HLAS specializes in direct point to point private transports for equines owned by the same client or semi-private transports for equines owned by two different clients who agree to a combined transport.  We handle local and long-distance, emergency and non-emergency equine transports.  We provide our services with a high level of horsemanship, state-of-the-art transportation vehicles and equipment, as well as a vast knowledge of equine management, medical emergencies, and unforeseen emergency incidents.  We go above and beyond for our clients to better ensure the safety and well-being of their equines during transport.  We set ourselves apart from most other transport companies and haulers, both private and commercial, and other equine service providers with the specialized training, education, and experience we have that can be applied to all facets of our business.   

References from clients, veterinarians, and equine industry professionals available upon request. 

Image: In memory of "O' Danny Boy" (owned by L Shinn), our favorite and most beloved equine client... Gone too soon but forever in our hearts.  

emergency AND SPECIALIZED equine transport


From Farm to Veterinary Treatment Facility

4HLAS can be contacted for emergency transport of injured or ill equines from a farm to a veterinary treatment facility such as a local veterinary clinic or specialty hospital.  We frequently transport to North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine in Raleigh, NC and can transport to specialty hospitals in surrounding states.

Image: Transport trailer outside NCSU-CVM after dropping off a horse for colic treatment.

Equestrian event emergency stand-by


Equine Ambulance

 The only emergency response unit to hire for your event, whether it is a steeplechase, cross-country event, schooling day, rodeo, organized trail ride, western/english show, endurance ride, or other equestrian activity. 

Image: Equine Ambulance standing by for emergency response at a Combined Driving Event.



Removal, Relocation, Burial, Cremation, and Other Options

We provide removal and relocation services, burial services, and cremation arrangements using specialized equipment to handle your beloved with compassion and lay them to rest with the dignity they deserve. 

Image: Gravesite prepped for a memorial photo requested by client 


 4Hooves Large Animal Services, LLC is known not only for the services we provide but for the training courses, clinics, educational presentations, seminars, and consultations we offer.  Our various educational and training programs are well suited for emergency responders, veterinary professionals, animal control officers, humane rescue organizations, equine/livestock owners and professionals, wildlife officers, and anyone with a vested interest in equines and other livestock, or large animals, in any capacity.  

Review the information below and contact us for additional information or to schedule a training program in your area.  If you do not see a program that meets your needs, contact us for a customized educational presentation or training course/clinic. 

To see additional photos and videos from our training courses, clinics, presentations, and consultations follow us on Facebook by joining our group - 4Hooves Large Animal Services

Large animal technical rescue equipment sales



Assistance with Ambulatory and Non-Ambulatory Neglected or Abused Equines

 Upon Request from a Veterinarian, Animal Control, Law Enforcement, or Legitimate Equine Rescue Organization we can assist with transportation of ambulatory and non-ambulatory equine, relocation of down equine, temporary sling-lift of equines that can not stand unsupported for veterinary treatment, and transfer of deceased equine to a diagnostic laboratory for necropsy.