" . . . terrific resource in our community . . ."

As executive director of a local nonprofit therapeutic riding center, I am so grateful to have 4Hooves Large Animal Services as a local resource. Many of our horses are older, and all are beloved; we appreciate having a local company that is able to provide dignified and thoughtful end of life services when they are needed. Tori and Justin are a terrific resource in our community, providing training, emergency services, transport, and generally filling a much needed role in our local horse community. 

 L Katz,

North Carolina Therapeutic Riding Center 

" . . . highly qualified...very professional . . ."

 During my three years serving as the Executive Director of the Carolina Horse Park, Justin and Tori McLeod and their team provided outstanding equine emergency service for all our recognized Events.  They are highly qualified and very professional in their dealings with the veterinarians, clients and Park Administration.  They work effectively in blending into the Team to provide effective emergency service.

 M Grippa, Executive Director 

Carolina Horse Park

Raeford, NC 

" Cannot say enough good things . . ."

I am a huge fan of these people. You have helped us out on multiple occasions. Cannot say enough good things about Tori and Justin. 

 L Crescenzi 

"...knowledgeable and put the horses health and well being first..."

4Hooves Large Animal Services picked up two BLM Wild Horse & Burro Program Mustangs that I had in training for the Mustang Heritage Foundation TIP program for an adopter today. As you can imagine, I am always a little nervous when someone comes to pick up a Mustang. Even though they are gentled, they can still be nervous with new handlers and in new situations. I was VERY impressed with the setup of their trailer for hauling. They had fresh shavings, water, and plenty of food available on the trailer when we loaded the horses. It was very inviting and both horses went right on the trailer! You can also tell that they are knowledgeable and put the horses health and well being first. I have no doubt that they are in good hands will be delivered safely to their destination. I would not hesitate to have 4 Hooves Large Animal Services haul any of my horses in the future!

K Hornsby

Kim Hornsby Horsemanship 

Berea KY

"...There is no other equine ambulance service that I would trust as much..."

This letter is in the strongest support possible of the services that you provide to the equine community through your business, 4Hooves Large Animal Services.  I have had the privilege of working with you and your team at the Carolina International as well as on numerous occasions at NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine (Veterinary Hospital) during both training events and emergency situations.  As an equine orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine and rehabilitation specialist, I am acutely aware of the need for prompt and professional handling of equine on-course athletic emergencies, as this often is the difference between being able to repair a fracture or not, and more importantly to be able to save a horses's life or not.  Your team is imminently qualified to work all levels of equine events, including the World Equestrian Games (WEG).  You and your team have highly specialized equipment and have repeatedly demonstrated the utmost professionalism, skills, and leadership under very stressful and physically demanding situations.  Your team works together as a cohesive unit and is proficiently able to lead and direct others involved, including veterinarians, so that both the horse and all humans involved are safe and working efficiently toward one goal.  It is very impressive to watch your team work and it has been an honor for me to get to work with your team on numerous occasions.  In summary, I highly support you and your team.  There is no other equine ambulance service that I would trust as much and I hope to have the privilege of working with you again.


L Schnabel, DVM, PhD, Dip ACVS, Dip ACVSMR

The Schnabel Lab

North Carolina State University - CVM Veterinary Hospital

Assistant Professor of Equine Orthopedic Surgery

"...leading the equine rescue and transport department at the Carolina Horse Park..."

I’m writing to express my support of 4Hooves Large Animal Services helping you with your equine emergency program. It’s my pleasure to urge you to consider Justin, Tori and their highly skilled team to serve your emergency response and transport needs.  4Hooves Large Animal Services have been leading the equine rescue and transport department at the Carolina Horse Park for the past several years. They continue to maintain a high level of training and professionalism, provide specialized equipment and possess strong crisis management skills.  Justin and Tori’s proficiency in equine transport, paired with their deep understanding of the horse and horses in sport, puts them on the leading edge for managing any equine related emergency.  I confidently recommend Justin, Tori and their crew for the equine emergency response position. They have extensive knowledge, a profound dedication to the industry and the ability to work as a cohesive unit with veterinarians and medical personnel. This team will be a great addition to your competition and/or community. 

M. Donovan, Program Director 

Carolina Horse Park

Raeford, NC

"...able to load my horse with great patience..."

 FYI  If anyone needs a ride to NCSU-CVM (Veterinary Hospital) 4Hooves Large Animal Services can do the job!  My horse had eye surgery and became difficult to load on a two-horse trailer but had to go to NCSU-CVM.  Justin was able to load my horse with great patience and gave us a smooth ride in that rainy weather!  We had a great trip! 

F Currey

"...empathetic, professional, and provide an important service..."

 These people are empathetic, professional and provide an important service. I had an end of life situation which they were very patient while I spent a week making a decision etc. and were right here when needed.   

C Everhart

"I would not call anyone else in an equine emergency situation..."

 My husband and I were hauling both of our mares across town to ride with friends. One mare lost her footing and nearly went down. In doing so, she got under the partition and lifted it out of it's slot. Unloading the horses on the side of the road would not have been a safe option. Justin and Tori's dad came to our rescue and with a crow bar and pure muscle, they were able to get everything back in place. I would not call anyone else in an equine emergency situation, I would only use their services for End of Life, or any distance transport. They are truly the best at what they do! 

L Cleveland

"...great, professional, and compassionate..."

 Ya'll are great, professional, and compassionate. Helped me with end of life burial. Thank you so much. 

B Rabbitt

"...highly recommend this course to all emergency services departments..."

 Was an awesome experience. Highly recommend this course (Large Animal Technical Rescue  3-Day Operations Level course) to all emergency services departments. Looking forward to the next chance to train and learn.

E Wood, Firefighter

"...most fun...great class..."

 The most fun I have had in a class (Large Animal Technical Rescue 3-Day Operations Level course) in years! Thanks to all involved for a great class!!! 

J Gash, Firefighter/ Technical Rescue 

"...promptness, kindness, respect and dignity..."

4Hooves Large Animal Services is outstanding !  I worked for a boarding/lesson/training barn that had

many older horses. Unfortunately, we had to help them when their time was up or they were sick.  4Hooves was always there for end of life removal and relocation  and burial and we were so impressed with their services.  It's never easy saying goodbye 

to our equine friends so having a compassionate and understanding service such as theirs was indispensable!  They were the utmost in promptness, kindness, respect and dignity when we called them to help us remove and take our equines for burial.  Will never forget all they do. 


B McNinch, Horse Trainer

"...learned so many techniques that make me better prepared for an emergency..."

I so enjoyed participating in the Large Animal Technical Rescue Course taught by Tori and Justin McLeod. The hands on learning allowed me to practice skills which would be otherwise impossible. Although we only own a hobby farm, I learned so many techniques that make me better prepared for an emergency all while having fun!

L Yarbrough

"...course was informative, hands on..."

 Tori and Justin led a fabulous Large Animal Technical Rescue course detailing many of the complex scenarios professionals and laymen alike may confront. The course was informative, hands on, and a wonderful way for horse owners and emergency personnel to learn to work together in the event of an emergency.  

Stephanie Freese, DVM

Polaris Equine Mobile Vet Clinic

Pittsboro, North Carolina

"...the course was well organized and thorough..."

 I learned so much in just one day of the large animal technical rescue course. I'm definitely a little intimidated by horses so it was really important to me that the course was well-organized and thorough. It was also encouraging to be taking the training with members of our local emergency services. I feel confident as a Suffolk resident that if faced with a large animal rescue, this group would be able to handle it! 

B Burley

"...great about sending updates and pictures..."

Tori and Justin took amazing care of my horse on a trip from North Carolina to Georgia. They were professional and good natured.  My horse was fairly nervous about loading and they were patient and encouraging, and they tried many different ways to help him feel comfortable. They were great about sending updates and pictures. He arrived safe and happy. If I need to transport him again, I will absolutely use 4HLAS!

E Shaughnessy

"...responsible for saving numerous horses from situations..."

Our local horse community is extremely fortunate to have Tori and Justin’s expertise and experience available to us in our times of need. They are responsible for saving numerous horses from situations that otherwise would have forced us to euthanize. They constantly invest in equipment that may be rarely needed, but is essential to particular circumstances. Their care and compassion are unparalleled and we cannot thank them enough for their sacrifices in service to our horses.

Tom Daniel, DVM  

Jim Hamilton, DVM

Southern Pines Equine Associates

Southern Pines, North Carolina

"...class provided a lot of valuable information and skills to help us mitigate any incident..."

In April of 2017, 4Hooves Large Animal Services came and delivered their 3 day large animal rescue class to us.  With this area having a large equine community, this class provided a lot of valuable information and skills to help us mitigate any incident involving large animals.  Justin and Tori, have a wealth of knowledge to share and they have a great love of animals and it shows through their training class.  They were wonderful to work with in setting up the class, letting me know what type of facility they would need, any equipment we might be able to provide and what we could expect to get from the class.  I would highly recommend them to anyone and have done so to other departments.  I hope to be able to bring them back to the area again to provide another class for more First Responders.

Captain Reuben Cowles

Albemarle County Fire and Rescue

Charlottesville, Virginia

"...only transport company I would ever use or recommend..."

 If your looking for a transport company look no further!  I highly recommend Justin and Tori McLeod, 4Hooves Large Animal Services, LLC. You will not be disappointed! They are very professional and experienced who will treat your horses with patience and the best care.

Our young horse who was nervous and inexperienced trailering had to make a move from North Carolina to New York. Needless to say I was extremely worried about the move.  Justin and Tori guided me in getting our guy ready. When the day came they loaded him without any issues and began the long trip. They monitored him along the way with cameras installed in their trailer and gave us updates and pictures during the trip.  When they arrived at the new barn they unloaded our horse and much to my surprise he came off the trailer beautifully!  I was so grateful to have found this awesome team!  About a year later unfortunately we had to retire him due to health issues.  Without hesitation I contacted Justin and Tori to bring our horse back to North Carolina for retirement. They are the only transport company I would ever use or recommend! Truly the best transport company out there!  Thank you Justin and Tori for taking such great care of our horse!!

S Pena

"...prepared for nearly any unexpected circumstance..."

Tori and Justin were highly recommended and were amazing with the dedicated transport of my new horse from Cleveland OH to Raleigh NC. Their work within the community shows that they are very professional, experienced, and knowledgeable horsemen and are prepared for nearly any unexpected circumstance. Tori was very accommodating during he planning phase, and Justin kept me informed of their status during the entire trip, including a link to a GPS app so I could follow their progress and know when they would arrive.  Not the least expensive, but I definitely got what I paid for!  I would hire them again and will recommend them to others.  

K Launis

"...truly first class..."

 I first met Tori and Justin when I used 4Hooves Large Animal Services, to get my horse from the Raleigh Horse Show in November 2015 back to our barn in Southern Pines NC. The trip was short but I LOVED how comfortable and safe they made "Danny" and I feel. Tori and Justin were so patient with me as I got organized and loaded Danny onto the trailer into his own first class box stall. They had cameras, fans, fresh water bucket, and a hay bag ready for him! THIS WAS TRULY FIRST CLASS LIVING! I used Tori and Justin for multiple transports to and from horse shows as well as when me and my horse moved from NC to GA. They also transported Danny to and from Florida for the winter horse show!! This team does the best job and lets your horse travel in safe style!  

L Shinn

"...If I could give them a 10 STAR review I would ..."

I used Justin & Tori to transport my 2 Morgans to Aiken, SC. 

My barefoot trimmer, Carla Ball,  recommended them  to me and as she said, “ Would you not want someone who could handle any type of large animal emergency, trailer your horses?” 
Justin & Tori are professional in the service they offer, answered all my questions and their rates are very fair. I had total peace of mind when we loaded my horses on the trailer to head to SC. They were also able to haul our farm equipment for us at an early date to SC. Good folks who know how to care for your horse in a gentle manner. They took the time necessary to load them. I can not say enough about the service and Justin & Tori!  If I could give them a 10 STAR review I would!  I have had horses for most of my life and been around all types of “ horse folks”.... Tori &  Justin are genuine,  kind , caring folks for the animal . Highly recommend them!

C Brown

"...most professional and well managed equine ambulance service..."

 4Hooves Large Animal Services and Tori and Justin McLeod have assisted me with their state-of-the-art equine ambulance at numerous National Steeplechase Association race meets for over 10 years.  If you are looking for the most professional and well managed equine ambulance service for your event, this is the must have team for you.

Toby Edwards, Executive Director

Carolina Cup Racing Association

"...recommend them frequently to clients..."

I have known Tori and Justin McLeod of 4Hooves Large Animal Services for a number of years through my work as an equine veterinarian in Virginia.  Tori and Justin have assisted many of my clients through their end of life services for large animals. They are prompt, professional and very compassionate in what can be a very overwhelming and stressful period in any horse owner’s life.  Because of my interest in Large Animal Technical Rescue, I attended their course in South Boston, VA. The course exceeded my expectations. It was well planned, and the information was practical and presented in an easy to understand format for the varied audience. The hands-on portion was phenomenal and instrumental in fully understanding the material presented.  I have since used a lot of the things I learned in that course during my job as a veterinarian.  After participating in the course, I knew I wanted to coordinate a course in my local area. Working with Tori and Justin to get the course organized was a breeze. They were prompt in answering my millions of questions and worked exceptionally well with the facility where we hosted the course. Our course had extremely varied participants including veterinarians, rescue personnel, horse owners, animal control officers and veterinary technicians. Tori and Justin were able to quickly and effectively get this diverse group on the same page. The hands-on portion was definitely the highlight and all the participants had wonderful things to say about the course.  Tori and Justin are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about Large Animal Technical Rescue and that comes across clearly when they teach.  I recommend them frequently to clients who are in need of end of life services or equine transport, and would recommend them to anyone looking to participate in or host a Large Animal Technical Rescue course.   

Cathy Lombardi, DVM CVA

The Oaks Equine and Farm Services

Smithfield, Virginia

"...trustworthy, knowledgeable folks..."

 I recently used 4Hooves to transport a sales horse to his new home. I cannot say enough good things about Tori and Justin. They put the comfort and safety of the animal first in everything they do. The trailer was immaculate with fans, water, and ample bedding. They arrived on time, kept me updated during the trip, and let me know when he got to his destination safely. It’s nice to have such trustworthy, knowledgeable folks in charge when transporting our most precious cargo! 

N Cannon

"...most competent, comprehensive, and compassionate team..."

 Tori and Justin McLeod of 4Hooves Large Animals Services are absolutely the most devoted professionals to large animal rescue and services. Their training is not just extensive, it is exceptional ! Tori and Justin have a natural and very deep connection with animals that is instinctively recognized.  Their equipment and capabilities are top shelf.  This isn’t just a “ job”, it a calling - one that is in no way easy. They respond as quickly as possible, always with regard for the safety of all concerned!  Whether responding to a tragic emergency situation, an end of life assistance, or “ healthy” animal relocation transport, their professionalism and sincere demeanor is ever present! Tori is a former 911 Captain and Justin is a Lieutenant Fire Fighter, these attributes certainly contribute to the patience and kind manner executed with “two legged” parties involved during their services as well.  Tori and Justin are a competent, comprehensive and compassionate team. They are both admired and very appreciated for all of their services. Much loved!!!  

J Summers 

"...truly sets the gold standard in equine transport..."

4HLAS truly sets the gold standard for equine transport. You will absolutely be my go-to recommendation to anyone looking to transport their horses - around the block or across the country! Our horses arrived fresh, fit and happy following their 1400 mile trip from MN to NC - even our dear 31 year old gelding seemed happy and unstressed! Your thorough research and planning into of the layover farms along the route resulted in overnights for the horses that were beautifully clean, calming and restful for them. Tori's end of day emails detailing everybody's condition, attitude, and antics were insights to how well you get to know and relate to our horses personalities and foibles. And finally, your communications and updates, including texts, emails and even the GPS tracker, kept us in the loop throughout the trip adding so much to our peace of mind. I'd definitely give  4HLAS and Tori and Justin a 10 star rating...truly THE BEST! 

Thank you!

S and S Skilling DVM 

"...one of the most important references and resources in Large Animal Rescue..."

At the end of 2019 I had the opportunity to stay one month in United States meeting several good professionals and teams that work with Technical Large Animal Rescue. I did a huge tour to learn and train with these folks and I have to thank some special people that helped me a lot to schedule and execute all my “work-trip”. For sure one of the most important was Justin and Tori, with 4Hooves Large Animal Services, that gave me several opportunities (training and real cases) and taught me a lot about Large Animal Rescue and other basic and advanced concepts in this area. They are very dedicated and determined to always do a good job based on right concepts, correct equipment, and working with excellence. It’s impressive all the resources that this team has (knowledge, many skill, members, general and specific equipment, response trucks and trailers, etc). I had the opportunity to do a three-day Large Animal Technical Rescue class with them, it was simply fantastic! All the instructors are very vested in their instruction and the education of others and give you the best of their knowledge and experience and are observant with the “hands-on” of each student during the practical activities. They provide for each one of the courses the chance to “try” Large Animal Rescue equipment and techniques in different dynamics and scenarios in both the theory and practice. For me they are one of the most important references and resources in Large Animal Rescue that I brought with me to my home in Brazil to provide rescue services here and I’ll always be inspired by their work! Thank you so much all the 4Hooves Team… For me you are “The Problem Solvers!” 

Dr. Leonardo Maggio de Castro – Assistant Professor of Large Animal Surgery 

Sorocaba University - University Veterinary Hospital of Large Animals 

Sao Paulo State, Brazil