This trailer is primarily used for large animal technical rescue emergency responses and training courses, however it can be used for End of Life Services and as an Equine Ambulance if the primary or alternate trailer units are unavailable.  

Image: Equipment from the trailer being used during a Large Animal Technical Rescue Training Course - NC 


 At 40-feet in length, our largest trailer is mainly utilized for local and long-distance equine transports and emergency evacuations. 

Image: Parked at a farm for a layover - GA


 A self-contained, fully operational, multi-functional emergency transport unit that is used as our primary equine ambulance for incident stand-by at equestrian events and for emergency transports. 

Image: Equine Ambulance standing by at a steeplechase event - SC


This unit was our original large animal technical rescue response unit.  Since being replaced with our larger response trailer in 2019, it is primarily used to transport our Häst Rescue Frame (monopod / bipod / tripod) Lifting System for service calls and large animal rescues.  It is also utilized as a back-up transport unit for our End of Life Services or as a secondary Equine Ambulance unit when necessary.

Image:  Using our Häst Rescue Tripod system and Liftex sling to lift and support a client's senior horse during a hoof trim - NC  


This cargo-trailer is strictly a Large Animal Technical Rescue response unit that is based in Johnston County, NC at Archer Lodge Fire Department.  This unit is only capable of response and large animal technical rescue and is not set-up for transport or equine ambulance services.

Image: The Johnston County LAR response unit at its home base, Archer Lodge Fire Department. - NC


This bumper-pull trailer is used primarily for our End of Life Services.  It is small enough so that we can access most locations where we need to maneuver near the deceased for loading and near a burial site for unloading.  

In addition, this trailer can be used as a secondary Equine Ambulance or Courtesy Ride Unit at equestrian events where our services with our primary Equine Ambulance are already being provided and can also respond to basic large animal rescue emergency calls where the more advanced technical equipment is not necessary or access to the incident scene is limited.

Image: Our trailer parked at an equestrian facility to provide a dignified and compassionate final transport of a deceased equine for burial at a secondary location - NC