Tori has owned and managed equines and other livestock for over 35 years. She operates 4Hooves Large Animal Services, LLC with her husband and is the volunteer Executive Director of Sandhills Horse Rescue.  She recently had to leave the career field that she loved and spent 17+ years working due to a life-changing medical condition.  Prior to this unexpected diagnosis, she was a full-time career Captain and Training Specialist in a Public Safety E-911 (emergency communications) Center.  


In addition to time spent in the 911 Dispatch Center, she also spent years as an Assistant Instructor for Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue, Inc. (www.tlaer.org), certified NC REINS (North Carolina Regional Equine Information Network System) educator, certified Fire Emergency Services and Criminal Justice General Instructor, certified Emergency Telecommunicator Certification Instructor, certified local Communications Unit Leader (COML), an Equine Cruelty Investigations Instructor and Investigator, certified Chemical Immobilization Technician, a volunteer member of the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - Field Investigations Response (ASPCA-FIR) team, a small and large animal veterinary assistant/technician, equine facility manager, and Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic and volunteered with a local fire department assisting with rescue calls.  Her life's work has revolved around emergency preparedness, emergency response, and animals. 

Tori has been training and instructing in the specialty of large animal technical emergency rescue and equine cruelty investigations since 2001.  Tori still strives to advance her education training in emergency services related fields, as well as equine and livestock management, and strives to improve upon the current large animal rescue protocols and techniques, as well as the rehabilitation and recovery of neglected and abused equines, based on the education and training she obtains. 

Although she no longer plays a predominantly physical role in the business operations, she still helps keep things organized and updated and handles some of the "behind the scenes" stuff on the internet, and social media and can be seen accompanying Justin on equine transports and other services whenever she is able.    

When she is not continuing her education, she enjoys spending time with her family, horses and dogs, and traveling.  

CV Available Upon Request