Justin met Tori in 2006, and that is where his love and understanding of horses truly began. He had previously worked with cattle and crops on his uncle’s farm and had ridden horses but never really had any formal training or experience. 

Along with Tori, he co-owns 4Hooves Large Animal Services, LLC and is a Board of Directors member with Sandhills Horse Rescue.

He currently is a career Lieutenant with the Fire/Rescue Service and an Emergency Medical Technician, working full time with a local multifaceted fire department, along with being a Large Animal Technical Rescue instructor within the North Carolina community college system.  He also works part-time and volunteers with another local fire and rescue department.

Like Tori, Justin is an Assistant Instructor with TLAER Inc. (www.tlaer.org), as well as being a certified Fire Emergency Services Instructor. He has been training and instructing in the specialty of Large Animal Technical Rescue since 2006 and has numerous certifications in all aspects of the fire and rescue service.


He is also a certified Equine Cruelty Investigator, certified Chemical Immobilization Technician, and a volunteer member of the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - Field Investigations Response (ASPCA-FIR) team. Justin continues to develop and improve upon his horsemanship skills through the study of Natural Horsemanship and learning from other well versed equine professionals.

When Justin is not involved in any of the above, he can often be found doing things around the family farm, hunting and fishing, at the shooting range, or traveling with family and friends.  

CV Available Upon Request