If you are seeking the training, equipment, or mutual-aid assistance to successfully rescue a large animal, then 4Hooves Large Animal Services, LLC is the company for you! 

4HLAS is owned and operated by professionals who have accumulated decades of education, training, experience, and career certifications in the fields of fire-rescue and emergency medical services, veterinary medicine, large animal technical rescue, equine and livestock management, commercial equine and livestock transport, animal welfare, and public relations. The owners and operators of 4HLAS are not just voices at the other end of a phone, words typed in an email, or sales-pitches heard at public events from a person hired to read a script or follow instructions…what sets our company apart is that the owners and operators that you correspond with are not just dedicated to 4HLAS and the company’s mission and success but are also actively involved in all aspects of emergency services, large animal rescue, and animal welfare on a daily basis.

From operating large animal technical emergency response teams and equine ambulances and having careers in emergency services and veterinary medicine to managing large farms with a variety of animals, it should be obvious as to why we are so dedicated and passionate about the services that 4HLAS provides. We pride ourselves in having close working relationships with some of the large animal rescue industry’s most sought after subject matter experts, professionals and educators and strive for advancements in equipment and progressive adaptations to methods and techniques through research and development from both live and training experiences.  It is our goal to become the premier company for all your large animal technical rescue needs, from equipment and training to consultations and response assistance.




  • The "Search" option for the Online Store is displayed as a magnifying glass and is located in the upper right corner of this web-page next to the shopping cart icon.  
  • View the "Bundled Items and Accessory Kits" category prior to ordering individual products.
  • It is the end user's responsibility to obtain training in the proper use and limitations of each product or piece of equipment.  
  • Do not make payment online for the order you have completed.  You will receive an invoice via the email address provided on the order.  The invoice will include all Shipping / Delivery and Handling fees along with the items ordered for final payment.  
  • Payment can be made with Debit or Credit Card via the "Pay Invoice" icon on the invoice or a Check / money order can be mailed to the address on the invoice.  
  • The order will be completed when the payment has been processed and will be shipped / delivered as soon as possible.  Some items are kept in stock for shipping / delivery and some items are manufactured at the time the order is placed, therefore availability and shipping / receiving times may vary.
  • Please allow approximately 30 - 60 days for items that are manufactured at the time the order is processed.  The items will be shipped / delivered as soon as they are available.  
  • Shipping will be handled via Ground (USPS, FedEx, UPS) or Freight Carrier (R & L Carriers, XPO, etc.) and can be EXPENSIVE for these products due to their individual or combined weight and size.  An order that includes a product that is greater than 8-FT in length and/or a weight of greater than 150-LBS must be shipped via Freight Carrier and an "oversize" fee will apply.  Depending on location of purchaser, other options may be available to include  personal delivery, pick-up in person near Fayetteville NC, or meeting half-way on route between Fayetteville NC and the purchasers location for a reasonable delivery fee.
  • Unless otherwise requested, all items ordered will be shipped / delivered at the same time to minimize costs associated with shipping or delivery.    
  • If shipped, you will be notified when your partial or entire order has been shipped and will be provided a tracking number.
  • Returns of unused and undamaged items can be made within 30-days of shipment date and with prior authorization from 4HLAS for "Online Store Credit" as long as the items are received in the condition in which they were shipped.  Other refunds or returns will be handled on a case by case basis.   Returns are subject to a 15% restock fee. 
  • Items will be updated and added to the Online Store as they come available.  If you do not see something you would like to order, contact us via email at and we most likely can fulfill your request even though the item may not be listed on our website.

recommended large animal technical rescue equipment list

Large Animal Rescue Equipment List Recommendation (pdf)