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 4Hooves Large Animal Services, LLC, formerly 4HFES and NCSMART, LLC , is privately owned company dedicated to the equine and livestock industry. Owned and operated by Justin and Tori McLeod, 4HLAS has been providing a variety of equine and livestock related services to owners, veterinarians, and industry professionals for over a decade. Based in Spring Lake, North Carolina, 4HLAS is within a short driving distance from Southern Pines, Sanford, Fayetteville and Raleigh, as well as only two-hours from the South Carolina state line and 3-hours from the Virginia State line. 4HLAS combines the services provided by individual specialized units, 4Hooves Farm Equine Services (4HFES), North Carolina Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team (NC SMART), and North Carolina Equine Assistance and Specialized Transport (NC EAST) along with a couple of auxiliary trailer units. 

We specialize in large animal technical rescue emergency response and training for emergency responders and veterinary professionals, emergency preparedness and trailer safety training for equine and livestock owners and professionals, large animal technical rescue equipment sales, equine emergency and non-emergency transport, emergency evacuation assistance, barn/ facility fire prevention and response consultations, trailer safety consultations, equine and livestock event stand-by, large animal capture using chemical immobilization (with veterinary assistance), as well as equine and livestock end of life services. 

We maintain a commercial liability policy with Markel Insurance, a well-known and reputable insurance agency that caters to equine owners and professionals. Our policy covers, in addition to the basic coverage, medical/injury/illness coverage per equine not owned by us that is in our care, custody, and control should anything occur during transport leading to the serious illness, injury, or death of the equine.  In addition to our commercial liability insurance, we also maintain the commercial vehicle insurance and other mandated requirements set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for operational authority as a "legal" for-hire equine transporter and service provider across state-lines.

We take pride in providing our emergency and non-emergency services with a high level of professionalism, state-of-the-art response and transport vehicles, large cache’ of basic and advanced animal technical rescue equipment, equine and livestock handling and management skill-set, and decades of education, training, and real-world experience in emergency services and incident response.   As equine and livestock owners and professionals, you have a lot to think about... nutrition, healthcare, training, breeding, riding, transporting, medical emergencies, end of life plans, finances, insurance, and the list goes on… As emergency responders, you never know what type of situation or incident you will be facing until you arrive on-scene... some situations or incidents will involve large animals (equines, livestock, exotics, etc.).  Let 4Hooves Large Animal Services, LLC be your “go to” resource for equine and livestock related services, if we are unable to provide the requested service, we will attempt to assist you the best way we can by providing contact information for additional resources or provide guidance over the phone.

In the years to come, 4HLAS hopes to become one of the most sought-after companies for equine ambulance services at equine events, a trusted contact of veterinarians for specialized transport of medically compromised equine patients in the southeastern United States, a resource for emergency services to call upon to assist with large animal rescue and recovery operations during natural disasters and small or large scale emergency incidents as well as equipment purchases, and a highly recommended service provider for equine and livestock owners and industry professionals.

After viewing the information throughout our website, should you have any additional questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us via email, phone, or join our FaceBook group “4Hooves Large Animal Services” and we will respond as soon as possible.

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Susan has been involved with equines, off and on, for over 50 years. She drove carriages competitively for many years before becoming a Technical Delegate for the American Driving Society. She completed TLAER, Inc. (Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue) training in 2016, along with large animal technical rescue training sessions with Tori and Justin in 2018, and just finished Floodwater / Swift Water Animal Rescue training in 2019. 

Susan joins 4HLAS as an Attendant on the Equine Ambulance at event stand-bys, an Animal Technical Rescue Emergency Responder, and as an Assistant at the Large Animal Technical Rescue training courses.

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