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     4Hooves Large Animal Services, LLC is known not only for the services we provide but for the educational presentations, seminars, and training clinics and courses we offer.  Our various educational and training programs are well suited for emergency responders, veterinary professionals, animal control officers, humane rescue organizations, equine/livestock owners and professionals, wildlife officers, and anyone with a vested interest in equines and other livestock in any capacity.  

     Review the information below and contact us for additional information or to schedule a training program in your area.  If you do not see a program that meets your needs, contact us for a customized educational presentation or training course/clinic.
Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training -
Safety and Success Through Prevention, Preparedness, and Partnerships
Course Format Options: 4 Hour Audio/Visual Presentations or 16-Hour / 24-Hour Interactive Training Courses

Students:  Hands-On Participants and Observers (Emergency Responders, Veterinary Professionals, Animal Control and Wildlife Officers, Humane Welfare and Rescue Organizations, Equine and Livestock Owners, etc.)

Topics Covered: Basic and Specialized Rescue Equipment and Techniques, Large Animal Handling and Containment, Entrapments, Trailer and Transportation Incidents, Barn/Facility Fire Prevention and Response, Unstable Ground Incidents (Mud, Water, Trench, and Ice), Natural Disasters, Medical Management and Euthanasia
Equine Emergency Educational Presentation Series
Series Format: 2-3 Hour Audio/Visual Presentations - Can be scheduled and presented individually or combined into a custom educational program.

Attendees: Equine Owners and Professionals

Topics: There are several topics that can be presented in an individual or combined format. Topics cover basic emergency rescue equipment and techniques, preparing your equine or livestock animal for the unthinkable, backyard emergency incidents, barn/farm fire prevention and response, trailer safety and transportation, unstable ground and water emergency incidents, natural disasters, basic first aid, and emergency euthanasia and deceased animal services.
Basic Equine Emergency Rescue for Equine Owners and Professionals Educational Presentation - What Can You Do When the Unexpected Happens?
Presentation Format: 3 Hour Audio/Visual Presentation

Attendees: Equine Owners and Professionals

Topics:  This presentation covers emergency preparedness and response for incidents involving equines, from backyard emergencies to fire and transportation incidents.  Examples of real life incidents and discussions about prevention and the rescue operation are included in this presentation, as well as the basic equipment that everyone should have in their barns and trailers.  Be prepared for whatever happens , whenever it happens, before it happens!
Equine/Livestock Trailer Safety and Transportation Educational Presentation

Format: 2-3 Hour Audio/Visual Presentation with optional Trailer Safety Consultations for Attendees

Attendees: Equine and Livestock Owners or Professionals 
Equine/Livestock Trailer Safety Consultations

Format:  Individual or Group (Can be separate from or in conjunction with the Equine/Livestock Trailer Safety and Transportation Presentation)- Overview and inspection of equine and livestock transport vehicles.  This does not equal or replace a state "safety inspection".  This overview and inspection will assist owners and professionals in identifying areas of concern, options for equipment or accessory replacement for safety purposes, review and discussion of accessories currently in place, hauling considerations, etc.

Attendees: Equine and Livestock Owners and Professionals
Barn/Facility Fire Prevention and Response

Barn/Facility Fire Prevention Consultations
Prior*Proper*Preparation*Prevention - Emergency Preparedness Training Clinic for Equine Owners and Professionals

Co-Instructed with Kelly Sigler Patterson, "Horsemanship for Your Journey" -

Clinic Format: 3-Day Lecture and Interactive 

Students: Equine Owners and Professionals (Participants with Equines and Auditors)

PPPP Clinic Flyer - Print and Share
PPPP Clinic Flyer - Print and Share