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Foundation Equine Clinic - Southern Pines, North Carolina
(910) 992-8225
Thank you Foundation Equine Clinic for all of the expert advice, routine and critical medical care, education, late night and early morning phone conversations, and valued support over the years... Not only does SHR appreciate everything you have done for the organization but the horses we have rescued owe their lives to your professionalism and the high quality of service your clinic staff provides.  
Moore Equine Feed and Supply
Southern Pines, North Carolina
(910) 692-2385

(Below:  Moore Equine Feed and Supply owners are pictured with "Hope" at their business)
Thank you to Moore Equine Feed and Supply for all of your physical, financial, and emotional support.  The horses of SHR greatly appreciate all of your generosity in the form of hay, feed, medical supplies, blankets, and other necessities as well as being a donation site for others who want to help.  SHR not only values our professional relationship but our friendship as well.  
SHR Foster Network 
SHR could not be as successful as we are without the support, dedication, and generosity of our network of fabulous foster families and farms.  You are the reason we were and are still able to impact the lives of equines in need.  We are honored to have you all as members of our extended family!