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Board of Directors

Executive Director - Tori McLeod

President - 
Justin McLeod

Vice President - 
Tim Ryan

Secretary - 
Kelli Kwapnioski

Treasurer - 
Tori McLeod 
(until position is filled)

Advisory Veterinarian - Dr. Lisa Kivett
Foundation Equine Clinic
Southern Pines, NC

Board of Directors -Dr. Emma Poole, Member
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SHR's Board of Directors 

Tori McLeod - Executive Director, Spring Lake NC

     Tori has been involved with Sandhills Horse Rescue since 2014 when Hope was rescued.  She has 40+ years of horse experience including ownership, training, facility management, veterinary assistant, rescue and rehabilitation. 

     She is married to Justin McLeod (see bio for Justin McLeod) and like him, she has been involved in human emergency services for more than a decade as a paramedic and currently a supervising Captain with a county 911 Emergency Communications Center.  Together with her husband, she owns and operates 4Hooves Large Animal Services, LLC.

     She is a certified Equine Cruelty Investigator and provides training presentations in equine welfare and cruelty investigations as well as equine behavior, safe handling, and transport.  

     Tori has been fortunate enough to work alongside the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and some of their best investigators on one of the largest animal cruelty and seizure cases in their history.  She also is proud to be a resource partner with the Humane Society of the United States to assist them when necessary with cruelty and seizure cases. 

     When not busy with her career, business, and SHR, Tori spends time on her family's farm where they currently have 15 equines, 6 goats, 1 enormous pet steer, and 4 dogs.

Justin McLeod - President, Spring Lake NC

     Justin has been involved with Sandhills Horse Rescue since its inception and was a member of Hope's recovery team.

     He is a career Lieutenant in the Fire Service and an emergency medical technician. He has been in the field of human emergency services for more than two decades. He has been involved with horses, and other livestock, in one capacity or another for more most of his life. 

     When he is not saving human lives and property he is saving horses and livestock and providing other equine and livestock related services with his company, 4Hooves Large Animal Services, LLC, along with his wife Tori.  The services provided by their company has afforded Justin the opportunity to interact with a variety of equine breeds and disciplines as well as network with some of the industry's leading professionals in equine welfare and health care. 

     Justin is also a certified Equine Cruelty Investigator and provides training courses with his wife throughout the North Carolina.  He is a response partner with the ASPCA's Field Investigations Response Team as well as the Humane Society of the United States.

Tim Ryan - Vice President
Bio coming soon...
Kelli Kwapnioski - Secretary
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Dr. Lisa Kivett - Advisory Veterinarian
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Dr. Emma Poole - Board Member
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