Trusted Friends and Associates

The links listed on this webpage are individuals, clients, organizations or companies that we either are personally associated with, have knowledge of, recommend and endorse, or support their mission and goals.  We, however, can not be held responsible or liable for any issues with or indiscretions or misrepresentations made by any of the organizations or companies listed below as any communications or transactions between parties are solely between those parties.  
Kelly Sigler Patterson
Natural Horsemanship and Rider Biomechanics
North Star Veterinary Hospital and North Star Stables
Parkton, NC
Dr. Kim Krivit and Associates
United States Equine Rescue League, Inc. (USERL)

Polk Equine Emergency Rescue

University of Guelph
Equine Guelph 

Ontario, Canada
Breezeway Sporthorse and Diagnostic Clinic
Southern Pines, NC
Dr. Bri Gindlesperger

Piedmont Region of NC

Piedmont Region of NC

United States National Equestrian Tourism Organization
Code 3 Associates
Animal Disaster Services 
 The Fork Farm and Stables
Carolina Equine Clinic
Hannah Creek Veterinary Hospital
Foundation Equine Clinic
Southern Pines, NC
Lisa Kivett, DVM MS DACVIM
EquiSpirit Horse Trailers
Southern Pines, NC
Hast Rescue Equipment
Floyd, VA
Dr Kathleen Becker
Southern Pines Equine Associates
Southern Pines, NC
Dr. Tom Daniel
Dr. Jim Hamilton

Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue, Inc. (TLAER)
Equine Emergency 
Response Unit
North Carolina State University - College of Veterinary Medicine