Dignified, Respectful, Compassionate... End of Life Services
Removal and Relocation Services, Burial Services, and Cremation Arrangements

     Gone are the days of the traumatic and horrific memories of witnessing the removal, relocation and burial of our beloved four-legged companions.  There are no chains attached to extremities for lifting, no dragging on the ground for long distances, and no hanging suspended from heavy equipment during transport.  Our specialized equipment and rescue glide allow for the compassionate and respectful handling of the animal throughout the process.  We have provided deceased services to private owners, professional equestrians, therapeutic riding facilities, event venues, rescue organizations, and the like who have been able to, at their discretion, be present for and observe the entire process providing some closure knowing that even in death their beloved was treated with dignity and care.  

     We are here to help them with the grieving process during a rough, often unexpected, time in their lives.  Often unplanned, we know and understand that owners may not be thinking logically or rationally during this time which is the reason we always make it a point to ask the owner if they would like any keepsakes (mane, tail, halter, horseshoes, or other attire) prior to our departure or the on-site burial of the animal.  We often times work directly with the veterinarian to schedule the service should the owner not want to be present.  We offer to be a liaison between the owner and the secondary location, such as a crematory or diagnostic laboratory, for payment of services requested by allowing the owner to provide us with the form of payment for such location and we in turn present it to a representative of that location and obtain a receipt for payment.  This saves the owner from having to handle any additional paperwork and discussions or travel unnecessarily during such a difficult time.     

     We are life-long horse and livestock owners and we treat our animals like family during their time on Earth and expect nothing less thereafter… and we promise to provide the same for your animals too!

     4Hooves Large Animal Services, LLC utilizes some or our specialized equipment, commonly associated with the technical rescue of large animals, for the removal of a deceased equine or other livestock animal from most any location (stalls, trailers, ravines, pastures, etc.).  Then by securing the animal to the “rescue glide” (www.rescueglides.com ), it can be moved to an on-site burial location, to an awaiting transport vehicle for transportation to an offsite burial location of the owners choice, to a secondary location of the owners choice (diagnostic laboratory, crematorium, landfill, renderer/abattoir, etc.), to a "Big Cat" Rescue / Sanctuary to be utilized as a natural food source for the rescues (only if no drugs or medications have been recently used and died of natural causes or gunshot), or transported to 4Hooves Farm property for burial.  Typically if the animal is to be buried on the owner’s property or secondary location other than 4Hooves Farm property, the owner or agent for the owner is responsible for contacting and arranging for someone to construct the final resting place, however we can provide them with resources to contact if available and requested.  We also offer full service burials complete with constructing the burial site using our backhoe at a location site within a 30 mile radius of Spring Lake, North Carolina on a case by case basis. 
While removing, relocating, and transporting the deceased, we treat him/her with the dignity and respect that the animal, which for most is a cherished and loved member of the family, deserves.


     Deceased services are not considered to be an emergency.  4Hooves Large Animal Services, LLC will make every effort to respond within a 24-hour time period with most requests being handled within a few hours of receiving the request.  If we are unable to respond we will advise you at the time the request is made. We realize that making the decision to euthanize is not easy and it cannot always be planned or scheduled, however sometimes due to chronic medical conditions, age, overall health, etc. arrangements for euthanasia and burial / disposal can be made in advance. If you are able to plan for this in advance and would like for us to provide our services during this difficult time, please contact us prior to scheduling an appointment with the veterinarian to check our availability.  We will provide you with some dates we are available and you can make arrangements with your veterinarian and contact us to confirm.    


     4Hooves Large Animal Services, LLC now handles all arrangements for cremation through a third-party professional association with a local, reputable crematorium.  This crematorium has state-of-the-art equipment and a beautiful, well maintained and managed facility.  This facility is one of a few in the state that can cremate the entire equine or livestock animal without compromising the integrity of the animal's body.  As we have personally witnessed and assisted with, the owners and staff of the crematorium handles the deceased with compassion, dignity, and respect.  There are a variety of options for urns and keepsakes available and the owner can choose between the cremation and return of the entire animal's body or just the head and heart, as well as a private or group cremation.  The client will be provided with the crematorium's contact information upon invoicing for the end of life services.  All correspondence after the animal, client information, and payment have been delivered to the crematorium will be handled solely between the client / animal owner and the owner or staff of the crematorium. 



EUTHANASIA ---- 4Hooves Large Animal Services, LLC does not euthanize animals as we are not licensed veterinarians and euthanasia is considered veterinary medicine by law, therefore it would be illegal for us to euthanize an animal.  With that being addressed, we will however euthanize an animal by field euthanasia methods in the event of an emergency incident (i.e. horse trailer accident, barn fire, entrapment, natural disaster, etc.) only if the animal is suffering and the injuries incurred or current condition is not survivable and there is not a licensed veterinarian available within the hour. Should field euthanasia be warranted, immediate contact with our Advisory Veterinarian will be made, the animals condition will be discussed, photos and/or videos will be obtained, and the euthanasia will be in accordance with veterinary recommendation based on the facts presented.

GRAVESITE VISITATION ---- 4Hooves Large Animal Services, LLC unfortunately does not permit visitation during or after burial due to the animals being laid to rest on private property.  If you would like gravesite visitation we recommend you contact someone nearby to ask if they would allow your equine to be laid to rest on their property.  If that is not an option, we would be glad to refer you to places that provide that option if known and available.  Thank you for your understanding.