Veterinarian Requirement
Depending on the services requested, for the safety of personnel and the welfare of the animal, 4HFES and NCSMART, LLC may require a large animal veterinarian to be present or on the way to the incident/service location prior to 4HFES and NCSMARTs arrival.  Animal owner/agent will be solely responsible for payment of veterinary expenses for the required service call travel fee, sedation/anesthesia if applicable, and euthanasia if warranted – All other veterinary expenses incurred during or after the rescue operation are to be negotiated between the owner/agent and the veterinarian (IV fluids, medications, wound care, colic treatment, etc.).  Payment of all veterinary expenses will be handled directly between the owner/agent and the attending veterinarian. Please contact a licensed equine / livestock veterinarian prior to our arrival.  If you do not have a regular veterinarian or do not know of one in the area, please try to search for one on the internet first if able, if you still are unable to locate a veterinarian to contact, call us and we can assist you further.

Service Invoice and Liability Waiver
The owner/agent will be required to sign a Service Invoice and Liability Waiver prior to any emergency or non-emergency services being rendered.  
For Emergency Service Requests:
Please contact us by phone - If we do not answer, leave a message on the voice mail with your name, contact number (with area code), and nature of your emergency.  Speak slowly and clearly so that the information can be understood.  If you have not received a return call within 15 minutes please call again.  If you do not make contact by phone, you may also send us a text message with your name, contact number and nature of request for service.

In addition to operating 4HFES and NCSMART, LLC, the owners have full time careers that on occasion prohibit them from phone contact, internet access, or rapid response, however we will make every effort to be available or assist you in any way we can upon request.
(910) 494 - 8210 / (919) 201 - 6789

American Association of Equine Practitioners - "Find a Vet"

Locate an AAEP-member veterinarian using the Get-A-DVM directly. Whether you're traveling, relocating or looking for a veterinarian for your first horse, this search engine will help you connect with a practitioner dedicated to the highest standard of equine medical care.