The personnel of NC EAST are dedicated, experienced, equine owners and professionals that operate a state of the art response unit capable of providing emergency and non-emergency assistance and specialized transport for sick and/or injured equines.  In addition to the assistance and transport services we provide the equine community, we also are available to stand-by at equine events as an equine first aid station for assistance or transport as well as respond to assist with natural disasters and emergency incidents.  We pride ourselves in being the only specialized equine transport unit trained and experienced in assisting with and transporting medically compromised equine within North Carolina and adjacent states.  We hope to be able to expand our services to cover events at other facilities and venues in the future.




     If hired to stand-by for medical support, assistance and transport at an equine event, our mission and goal is to provide safe, humane and timely assistance and transport for injured or deceased equines away from the competition area or off the race course while maintaining a high level of professionalism.  NC EAST will be staffed with two (2) - four (4) crew members that operate directly under the direction and advisement of the attending licensed veterinarian(s) with regards to assisting with the equines medical care and transport.  The team members are solely responsible for the application or removal of and use of NC EAST equipment and supplies during the performance of their duties.  Should a secondary unit be warranted and provided by the venue or organization, our crew members, equipment and supplies will remain on the NC EAST unit and will not be permitted to be left at a secondary location without the accompaniment of a NC EAST crew member whose responsibility it will be to manage that equipment. 


     At no time will a crew member assume a response is warranted under any circumstances or be solely responsible for taking over care, custody and control of an equine without the direct advisement by the event staff member responsible for handling equine emergency responses or the attending veterinarian.  The NC EAST trailer unit is over-sized in height and width and therefore, if a response is needed, will require adequate clearance and turning area on access routes the unit is expected to travel. 


     The duties for hire will include being available at a designated staging area for response in the event of an equine related incident on site, application and employment of basic and specialized equipment at the advisement of the attending veterinarian(s) responsible for the equine's medical care, and transport of the injured, compromised, or deceased equine to a secondary location on site.  The crew members will not be responsible for jobs, duties, or tasks outside their duties for hire such as crowd control, directing traffic, manning any entry/exit gates or points, managing water stations for equines or riders, assisting with human first aid or medical response beyond making contact to request such response, etc.


     NC EAST is hired and contracted by the venue or event organization, not by an equine owner or agent, to stand-by for the duration of the event.  The crew will not be permitted to leave the venue to transport equines off site without the expressed and written permission from the head event official due to the contents documented within this contractual agreement.  Therefore, if an equine requires transport off site to a veterinary facility, the transport arrangements will be scheduled for after the completion of the event unless otherwise approved in writing by the head event official.  The requested assistance or transport will be handled as a separate service call and transport and will be at the expense of and sole responsibility of the equine owner/agent and payment is expected in full at the time that the services are rendered.  A licensed veterinarian must be onsite with the equine upon pick-up and upon drop-off to evaluate and initiate or continue treatment of the equine.       


     In addition to the above, we have Liability Insurance on our equipment and our personnel should the unforeseen occur and certificates of insurance can be forwarded if requested. 


     If your organization/venue elects to have NC EAST present at your equine event(s) a contract will be emailed once notification is received with the associated fees listed.  NC EAST assures you that we will be at your equine event as scheduled and will not cancel out to take another equine event once your signed contract has been received and date(s) confirmed, however if your organization/venue cancels the services of NC EAST for any reason a cancellation fee does apply. 


     We would be honored to be able to provide our services and stand-by at your event with our state-of-the-art equine response unit to efficiently and professionally handle any sick or injured horse under the direction of the attending licensed veterinarian(s).             



     In addition to covering steeplechases, horse trials and other equine events, we respond locally to veterinary clinics, farms, and facilities for on-site assistance and/or transport of an ill or injured equine to the North Carolina State University - College of Veterinary Medicine's Large Animal Hospital and other one-way or round-tripdestinations.  A licensed veterinarian may be required to be on location at the pick-up and drop-off sites depending on the status of the equine and the nature the request.  NC EAST serves the equine community with a specialized equine emergency response unit and no less than an experienced two-person crew but can respond with additional crew if requested or warranted based on the needs of the client or logistics of the service call or transport.  The majority of NC EAST's crew members, being horse owners and professionals themselves, are experienced in handling all breeds of equines in a variety of disciplines and emergency situations so rest assure that the equine being assisted or transported will be in very capable hands.  In addition to the in-depth training they are required to attend twice a year with NC EAST’s unit and equipment, they are required to obtain training in the specialty of technical large animal emergency rescue through pre-approved highly qualified instructors.  Several of the members also have backgrounds in equine management, emergency services (Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Medical Services), veterinary medicine, natural horsemanship, and equine transportation.  In addition to the above, we have Liability Insurance on our equipment and our personnel should the unforeseen occur and certificates of insurance can be forwarded if requested.  Should you need any of the services provided by NC EAST, please visit our website at for related information or contact us directly by phone or email.




     The NC EAST team is available to respond to assist with small and large-scale emergency incidents.  Although we are primarily an equine assistance and specialized transport unit, our team is cross-trained in large animal technical rescue and therefore we are available to assist our associate teams with small or large-scale emergency incidents when called upon for mutual aid and we can deploy to assist with equine evacuation, rescue, recovery, and staging before, during and after natural disasters at the request of local, state, or federal emergency services departments.  NC EAST personnel are required to maintain current certifications in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Incident Command System (ICS – 100, 200, 700, 800) and have previous training in Large Animal Technical Rescue through accredited instructors.  In addition to those certifications some members have obtained training or certifications in other emergency and equine/large animal related topics such as “Animals in Disasters”, “Livestock in Disasters”, “Hazardous Materials”, “Disaster Mitigation”, and “ICS 300 and 400”.  Several of the team members are career professionals in emergency services therefore hold multiple certifications required of a fire/rescue services, emergency medical services, or an emergency communications professional.  We hope that natural disasters or emergency incidents never occur in our area or abroad but since they are sometimes unpredictable and unavoidable, we wanted to be a resource during those times and be called upon to utilize our specialized unit and highly trained team to assist other responders.