NCSMART stands for North Carolina Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team, a part of the 4HFES and NCSMART, LLC company founded and operated by Justin and Tori McLeod.  Based out of Spring Lake, North Carolina we are convenient to Fort Bragg / Fayetteville / Southern Pines / Sanford, and approximately 1 hour from Raleigh, 2-3 hours from the coast, 1-2 hours from South Carolina state line and 3 hours from the Virginia state line.  Our status, although legally an Limited Liability Corporation, can be thought of as "not for profit" as any monetary fees invoiced or collected for services rendered are essential for the reimbursement of expenses related to equipment, fuel, maintenance and other operational costs and not for profit.  
     NCSMART offers large animal emergency technical rescue response and transport for emergency incidents…this is not a “animal cruelty” rescue response but a “technical rescue” response such as overturned trailer, barn fire, stuck in mud or ravine, structure collapse, down horse, etc., however we will assist with cruelty and rehabilitation cases at the request of legitimate equine rescue organizations.   With specialized training and over two decades of combined experience in emergency services and the equine and livestock industry between the owners and operators, NCSMART is ready to respond to assist with the rescue or recovery of large animals (primarily equines and other livestock).  NCSMART is available to respond to large animal emergency incidents with our 29 foot trailer and specialized equipment to areas in central and eastern North Carolina as well as parts of Virginia and South Carolina.  We will respond upon request as a mutual aid resource to the central and western areas of North Carolina as well as adjacent areas in South Carolina and Virginia with associate large animal rescue response teams.  Emergency response for longer distances is handled on an individual case by case basis and may be referred to an associate large animal rescue team that is closer to the incident location.

     In order to better serve as an asset to the State of North Carolina for emergency response and large scale incident deployments (such as natural disasters, etc.) we have purchased an 800mHz hand-held communications radio that is compatible with VIPER (Voice Interoperability Plan for Emergency Responders) Network.  VIPER is a system that allows for emergency responders and public safety officials statewide to communicate directly with each other without having to relay messages through local communications (dispatch) centers.  This purchase was quite expensive, however we believed it to be a necessary addition to our cache' as it will allow us to speak to emergency responders on the scene of incidents involving large animals across the state while we are enroute and on-scene as long as that emergency services agency is using the VIPER system.  This communications system will be of great benefit to us and to those we serve and assist especially during large scale incident response such as natural disaster rescues and recoveries, evacuation efforts, etc. 
     It is NCSMART’s policy that a licensed veterinarian MUST be enroute or on-scene upon NCSMARTs arrival or prior to any rescue attempt for  veterinary consultation, sedation, treatment, or euthanasia that may be warranted before or during the rescue effort.  We reserve the right to charge the owner, or responsible person, of the animal involved for services rendered during any rescue or recovery operations.  Emergency services agencies requesting assistance are not responsible for the payment of any fees incurred.  
     Please contact us if you are TLAER (Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue, Inc. – certified, are interested in volunteering your time and experience, and can respond to our geographical response areas in the event of a large animal emergency incident.  If you can not respond to our response areas but are located in another area of North Carolina, South Carolina or Virginia please email us with your contact information so we can include it on our resource list should we receive a call for assistance in your geographical area. 

     We are available to render assistance to equine and livestock owners or veterinary professionals dealing with "down" animals that are unable to stand unassisted.  Our rescue glide allows us to remove a sedated animal from an enclosure, such as a stall or barn aisleway, to another location for lifting assistance.  We have webbing straps and slings that when applied to the animal in the proper positions can be used with mechanical advantage systems or heavy equipment to lift the animal to a standing position.  This application is for immediate assistance only for a short period of time and can not be utilized for long term or permanent support. 

     NCSMART provides education to emergency responders and equine owners / professionals along the east coast of the United States and abroad.  We can be scheduled to provide training programs for emergency responders, equine and livestock owners and professionals, and groups in a private setting or at clinics, events, meetings, seminars, etc.  We offer several training programs which can be found on the "Training and Consultations" page, as well as assist Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue, Inc. (TLAER -, world renowned experts in the field of large animal rescue, with advanced level large animal technical rescue training courses. 

     Our knowledge, experience, and training coupled with our cache' of specialized equipment and a trailer that can not only respond to incidents but can transport equines and livestock as well make 4HFES and NCSMART, LLC one of only a few contacts on the east coast for equine and livestock event stand-by services.  Whether it is a steeplechase, cross-country event, schooling day, rodeo, organized trail ride, western/english show, endurance event, etc. we are available for hire to stand-by in case of an emergency transport need or incident on site. 

     Visit our "About 4HFES" webpage for information on our other services.