4HFES, better known as 4Hooves Farm Equine Services, was established in 2008 and is a part of the 4HFES and NCSMART, LLC company owned and operated by Justin and Tori McLeod.  4HFES is equipped with two versatile multi-purpose response units for emergency and scheduled service calls and transports.  Based out of Spring Lake, North Carolina, we are convenient to Fort Bragg / Fayetteville / Southern Pines / Sanford and approximately 1 hour from Raleigh, 2-3 hours from the coast, 1-2 hours from South Carolina state line and 3 hours from the Virginia state line.
     4Hooves Farm Equine Services prides itself in providing the equine industry and community equine related services with a high level of horsemanship, state of the art transportation vehicles and equipment, as well as a vast knowledge of equine management, medical emergencies, and unforeseen emergency incidents.


     Our largest unit is mainly utilized for live ambulatory hauling and emergency evacuation.  Tori and Justin spent over 8 months collaborating with the owners of Equispirit Trailers, Tom and Neva Scheve, who authored the book "The Complete Guide to Buying, Maintaining, and Servicing a Horse Trailer", to design this modified trailer and then after receiving the finished trailer we purchased and installed some additional safety features and accessories.  Our trailer is a 2011 EquiSpirit (www.equispirit.com) "modified" Safeload.  It is a 40 foot gooseneck trailer manufactured with superior materials, highly durable construction, and unparalleled safety features by the company that puts the equine’s safety and welfare first. The trailer, at 7 feet 6 inches in height and 7 feet in width, allows for plenty of head and body room for even the larger breed equines. It is fully insulated and can be configured on the inside to haul one to four equines (one equine in the 51 inch wide slant stall in the front, a second equine in the area between the slant and the box stalls, and two straight load in the individual box stalls at the back), or two equines in separate 10×7 box stalls (suitable for mare and foal), or five equines without slants or dividers when all interior dividers and stalls are removed.  This trailer has 4 entry exit access points, including rear full height doors with ramp over and side split doors with ramp, not only make loading and unloading easier but they decrease the risk of potential injuries that can happen by allowing for access to one equine at a time and providing a larger open area for the equine to enter by eliminating the rear support post and manufacturing a swinging center divider.  The entire interior construction of the trailer is equipped with quick release pins on all divider hinges, bars, and front center post which allows for removal of all interior structures within minutes, in case of an emergency. There is a safety catch on both butt bars which prevents equines from backing out before they are locked in place with the wall mounted pin. The breast bars are designed to be released under the weight of a equine if it rears up over it.  The center divider, overhead rear entrance, and butt and breast bars are padded with thick foam and vinyl. All equine area side walls are lined with rubber. The trailer four dual sided roof vents and multiple large sliding windows made from tinted shatterproof glass to provide ventilation when open and protection from the elements when closed.  The trailer is equipped with three 12V vans affixed to the interior roof and an indoor/outdoor wireless temperature indication system to better monitor the ambient temperature inside the trailer during transport.  We truly believe that this is one of the safest and most practical equine trailers on the road today.

We maintain a current Commercial Liability Policy with Markel Insurance, a well-known and reputable insurance agency that caters to equine owners and professionals.  Our policy covers, in addition to the basic coverage, medical/injury/illness coverage per equine not owned by us that is in our care, custody, and control should anything occur during transport leading to the serious illness, injury, or death of the equine.  Maximum coverage is $25,000.00 per equine therefore should the equine be valued greater than that amount we recommended that the owner/agent seek their own insurance coverage as well.  This coverage is only valid during the time the equine is in the care, custody, and control of representatives of our business.  Every effort will be taken to ensure the equines are handled and transported as safely as possible, however we all know accidents can happen no matter the amount of effort put forth to prevent them.

     When available, 4HFES is also capable of assisting with emergency transportation for medically stable or compromised equines needing to be transported from a farm/facility to a veterinary clinic or to a veterinary hospital such as the North Carolina State University - College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital (http://www.cvm.ncsu.edu/vhc/) in Raleigh, North Carolina or other facilities in the North Carolina, South Carolina, or Virginia areas.


     Evacuation transportation is a service offered by 4HFES when available. Should a natural disaster occur or be predicted to affect an area of North Carolina, we will provide transportation on a case by case basis if we are available to respond at that time. We encourage all horse owners to pre-plan evacuations and don’t wait until it is too late before implementing that evacuation plan. If we can assist with any pre-planned evacuations please let us know, however we will not risk our lives or property to rescue your horses should there not be enough time to safely do so. We greatly appreciate your understanding with regards to our stand on being a responsible horse owner and pre-planning for emergencies and evacuations.

     If you would like to schedule a transport, or if you have any additional questions, please contact us directly.


     Visit our "About NCSMART" webpage for information on our other services.