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Welcome to 4HFES and NC SMART!

Combined, 4Hooves Farm Equine Services and the North Carolina Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team specialize in large animal technical rescue emergency response and training for emergency responders and veterinary professionals, emergency preparedness and trailer safety training for equine and livestock owners and professionals, equine emergency and non-emergency transport, emergency evacuation assistance, barn/ facility fire prevention and response consultations, trailer safety consultations, equine and livestock event stand-by, large animal capture using chemical immobilization (with veterinary assistance), as well as equine and livestock end of life services. 


     As equine and livestock owners and professionals, you have a lot to think about... nutrition, healthcare, training, breeding, riding, transporting, medical emergencies, after-life plans, finances, insurance, and the list goes on…Let 4HFES be your “go to” resource for equine and livestock services.  Contact us if we can assist you with local or long distance transports, emergency transports, emergency preparedness training and consultation, event emergency stand-by service, or end of life services.


As emergency responders, you never know what type of situation or incident you will be facing until you arrive on-scene... some situations or incidents will involve large animals (equines, livestock, exotics, etc.).  Let NCSMART be your "go to" resource for mutual aid emergency response.  Contact us to discuss an MOU or how we can assist your department or agency.


Contact us if you are interested in hosting or attending one of the educational presentations or training clinics/courses that we provide for emergency responders, veterinary professionals, animal control officers, animal welfare organizations, and equine/livestock owners and professionals. 


After viewing the information throughout our website, should you have any additional questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us via email, phone, or find us on FaceBook and we will respond as soon as possible.